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The History

— How it all began

Guitars are ingrained in my DNA. I’ve dedicated my entire existence to mastering the guitar. With a father who achieved fame as a renowned guitar craftsman in Sweden, my path to picking up the guitar was the most logical step. The legends of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s guitar scene filled my childhood, igniting dreams of joining their ranks. My aspiration was pursued relentlessly, pouring in hours of practice day in and day out. At 20 years old, I ventured to Los Angeles, a move that tested the depths of my skill. One year at the Musicians Institute of Technology GIT and nearly five years of live performances and spontaneous jams across LA solidified my expertise. The era’s paramount guitarists and builders encompassed me, a truly enriching experience. 


The History

— How it all began

Having worked as a guitartech across various guitar shops worldwide, my aspirations have always centered around crafting my very own guitar brand tailored to players. These are musicians who not only share my fervor for the craft but also deeply value the seamless playability and emotional resonance of their instrument—an extension of their very being. Picture an instrument that effortlessly inspires spontaneous melodies and draws forth the artistic essence from within. 


The History

— How it all began


In 2017, I took the leap and established MANIC GUITARS, my personal venture. The resonance of my brand rapidly reverberated throughout the guitar community, catching the attention of renowned guitarists like John Norum (Europe, Dokken) and Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth, Talisman). Intrigued by the buzz, they reached out to explore what the fuss was all about. In due time, they proudly became ambassadors for my brand, enthusiastic to amplify the message of MANIC GUITARS far and wide. 

My Mission

— What I strive for

At the heart of MANIC GUITARS lies a relentless passion for the artistry and craftsmanship of the guitar.

With a heritage deeply rooted in a family tradition of guitar making and a lifetime dedicated to mastering this iconic instrument, my mission is clear: to create exceptional guitars that inspire and empower musicians to reach new heights of creativity and expression.

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Guitars Hand Built

I have built over 100 fully hand made guitars since my start 2017.

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Years of Experience

I have over 5 years of experience of building guitars, from start to finish.

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Happy Customers

With over 100+ overly happy customers you can be assured I will create the best custom made guitar specialized just for you and your purpose.

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